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It is not cynicism that motivates me. It is optimism that the whole of humanity shall someday overcome the tyranny that is religious belief and superstition.

If something I say or link to offends you, then I ask you to stop for a moment before responding, and ask yourself why you feel that way. Be willing to follow that train of thought all the way to the end of the line.

I believe the religious are more than what they have allowed themselves to become. I wish to see all people willing to question the world, question their senses, question their sensibilities.

It frustrates me to see people deliberately clinging to ignorance. Sometimes this is expressed as anger or contempt. These are fleeting. The pervading emotion is simply profound sadness.

If you are reading this, then know that I do have some measure of “faith.” Not the baseless belief in supernatural entities or meaningless rituals, but confidence that each of us possesses the capacity for introspection.

A materialist world view is not the bleak and monochrome existence that many would have you believe it to be. It is vivid, full of spectacular colors, amazing phenomena, and so many layers of depth and complexity that merely learning more about it can become both a quest and a goal.

The strength and will to improve the world comes from within. You have only to look, and realize that the power you find there is purely your own.

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