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Unlike You

I am an antitheist.
You do not believe as I do, probably.
You would condemn me, for I am…

Pro-human. Pro-animal.
Pro-equal rights for ALL people. Pro-civil liberties.

Pro-freedom of thought. Pro-free speech.
Pro-freedom of the press. Pro-Enlightenment.
Pro-science. Pro-reason.
Pro-education. Pro-consequentialism.
Pro-accountability. Pro-intellectual.
Pro-small business. Pro-honesty.

Pro-empowerment of women. Pro-abortion rights.
Pro-environment. Pro-green energy.
Pro-privacy rights. Pro-sexual freedom.
Pro-secular government. Pro-rule of law.

Pro-religious freedom. Pro-freedom from religion.

Anti-Christianity. NOT Anti-Christian.
Anti-Judaism. NOT Anti-Jew.
Anti-Islam. NOT Anti-Muslim.
Anti-religion. NOT anti-believer.

Anti-religious oppression. Anti-outlawing of religion.

Anti-lies. Anti-excessive force.
Anti-monetized politics. Anti-corruption.
Anti-discrimination. Anti-disenfranchisement.
Anti-stagnation. Anti-isolationism.

Anti-monopoly. Anti-propaganda.
Anti-laziness. Anti-stupidity.
Anti-ignorance. Anti-absolutism.
Anti-quick judgments. Anti-supernatural explanations.
Anti-suppression of information. Anti-religious tyranny.
Anti-thought crime. Anti-suppression of speech.

Anti-human rights violations. Anti-genocide.
Anti-atrocity. Anti-animal cruelty.

…so would you condemn me?
I do not believe as you probably do.
For I am an antitheist.

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  1. tobeforgiven
    November 29, 2011 at 5:42 pm

    Good. This is suscinct, and to the point. It tells me who you are. I do not condemn you. Your right I am not like you, in many ways, but actually as an evangelical Christian I am very much of the same mind on most of what you say. The only real difference is I am not Pro-consequentialism (though our understanding of that my be different) and of course I am not any Christian, nor am I anti any of the other religions, though I do not agree with them.

    So, do you condemn me?
    I do not believe as you probably do, thats all right, its not up to me.

  2. December 5, 2011 at 10:54 am

    You do not believe as I do – but I like this piece.

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